Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Visit the San Diego Zoo with Kids

A trip to the San Diego Zoo is more than just a visit to another attraction; this is a safari that will take you on a lifetime adventure. Before you plan your trip, you can browse the zoo's website and get a peek at some highlights that await you or you can allow yourself to be as surprised and thrilled as others in your group.

The collections of animals that reside here include koalas, giraffes, silverback gorillas, tigers and of course, the King of the Jungle will often treat you to a loud roar. With over 800 species of animals to see, this zoo is sure to become one of the places you will want to revisit often. Not only will you be able to enjoy all of the wonderful creatures, there are beautiful botanical gardens that you can also visit while you are here.

One of the showcased exhibitions at the San Diego Zoo is the one that is home to some rare giant pandas. You be able to watch these beloved bears in action, but you can also learn a great deal about them, and other animals, from the staff. These roly-poly pandas are absolutely adorable and they delight everyone with their appearance and antics. There is also the Children’s Zoo for guests to visit with over 30 special exhibits that include some of the most unusual animals of all. Of course, a petting farm is included, but the hilarious Dr. Zoolittle will be on hand to entertain you as well.

The zoo offers a variety of educational tours and events throughout the year and private tours are only one of the treats that you can be a part of. VIP tours can be arranged and these types of tours are available for one person or a group of more than a dozen. These tours give you the unique opportunity for an up close, behind the scenes look at some of the most unusual and wonderful wild creatures that call the zoo their home. If you want a chance to actually feed some of the animals in their own habitat, then a photo caravan safari is what you want to participate in. The open bus will drive through grazing land that is populated by many species of animals and you will have the opportunity to feed giraffes or even some of the baby rhinos. Make sure you have your camera, because these photo ops are not to be missed.

Education is a big part of this zoo and the staff is eager to share their knowledge of wildlife with the guests. Topics that are covered will include animal conservation efforts and wild animal behaviors. The keepers and tour guides all welcome any opportunity to teach the public about all of the animals and will gladly answer any questions you have. If you have the time to spare, there are even some sleepovers at the zoo for children at special times of the year.

Another wonderful event that you can view is the Cheetah Run Safari that is offered on Saturdays at the San Diego Zoo. This is a time when you are taken to a special outdoor setting where the cheetahs are allowed some free exercise. Since these are extremely speedy animals who love to run, the zoo gives them this opportunity by letting them chase a mechanical lure. The big cats love this and you and your family can be on the front row to watch the excitement as they whisk past you in excitement. The trainers will tell you that this chance for a thrilling chase and heart pounding exercise keeps the cheetahs happy. Zoo visitors are happy too, because sharing a sprint with a cheetah is a rare and special San Diego Zoo treat.

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